People can't get enough of Toronto's secret new bagel shop


Toronto's secret new handmade bagels come from an unlikely source: a pair of friends in the music industry.

Pro drummer Jesse Labovitz and manager/producer Adam Fujiki have been friends for over 15 years, first meeting at Sony BMG where Labovitz's band No Warning was signed.

They started up project Sherm's Bagels together after Labovitz's tour was cancelled, playing around with pizza and dough recipes for fun.

"Living downtown there aren't that many great bagel spots," Labovitz told blogTO. "No Montreal-meets-Toronto style thing." 

Through Googling, the pair both made versions of bagels at home over FaceTime and got incredible results.

The next day, Labovitz woke up feeling inspired, and put up a post on Instagram asking if people would be interested in bagels. That was about a month ago now, and the interest just keeps growing.

Sherm's, named for Labovitz's grandfather Sherman, deals exclusively in bagels and mainly makes poppy seed, sesame seed, and popular half and half varieties. Labovitz's partner Brittney Townson is responsible for whipping up a minimal blue logo.

They're a little smaller than your average bagels, similar to ones found in Montreal, made by twisting into shape, boiling in honey water, generously seeding and then baking. They're slightly sweet and extremely chewy on the inside with a shiny hard exterior, and no two are the same.