Toronto Student Housing Options in 2020


As a student in Toronto, one of the most important things for you to seriously consider is accommodation. Staying in Toronto means you have an array of shelter options and these will be the focus of this piece. Basically, as a student, you can decide to stay on campus or stay in one of the lovely facilities like the ones on offer by The Quad.

For the students who are considering living outside the campus, one of the options they have is to get a single room. The cost of that varies from $500 to approximately $800 and this is widely seen in the Mississauga (UTM Campus) region. However, for those who want the same one room in Downtown Toronto, they should be ready to spend up to $1,000 or even more than that on the rent alone. Still talking of options based on the number of rooms, the rent is going to increase proportionally as the number of rooms increases.

In terms of design, another option that is available for a Toronto student this year is the condo. However, it should be stressed that condos are very expensive and it should be taken only by students who have the necessary economic resources to maintain themselves in such costly facilities. However, if it so happens that the student is considering the cost and wants an affordable option, the best thing to do is to get rooms within apartments with the other student and colleagues. This options them to share the rent and other fees so it is a pocket-friendly option for everyone. In sharing the rent, not one student will have to face all the financial burden alone. There is a good number of students making use of this opportunity.

 There is another option for students who are not interested in sharing living spaces with other students but they also want affordable spaces. For such, they can rent the single room units in basement apartments rather than go for the more expensive luxury villas or even any of the condos. Another cost-saving measure will be to carefully use water, electricity, gas and other utilities. If you are not at home, ensure you switch off the lights and do not leave the water running without any need for it. All these add up to the bills and can quickly become out of control if care is not taken.

Transport is another factor to be considered when selecting student housing in Toronto. An ideal way to save money as a student in Toronto in 2020 is to make use of public transport. Toronto is equipped with some of the most efficient and pocket-friendly transport systems anywhere in the world. As a student, it is a lot costlier to use ride-sharing mobile applications like Uber.

Hence, for students who stay off-campus, it is always good that they make use of mass transit or public transportation at all times. The students can cut the cost altogether by choosing to get their accommodation right on the campus grounds.