5 common injuries sustained during auto accidents


Approximately 1.35 million people die in road accidents, and about 20 to 50 million road users suffer injuries each year, according to the World Health Organization. These injuries could lead to a permanent or temporary disability that can alter the victim’s life drastically.

Those who have ever witnessed or been involved in an auto crash would agree that it is quite a horrific and shocking experience. Therefore, it is important to know what the most common auto crash injuries are so that you understand what next steps to take—and which symptoms to look out for.

Seeking medical attention should always be the first step to take if you or anyone you know has been involved in a car accident, as these injuries can be fatal. Here are some of the most common injuries sustained from an auto accident.

1. Head Injuries

One of the most common types of injuries sustained during a car crash is head injuries. During car accidents, head injuries can vary from mild to very severe and are followed by a host of symptoms such as bleeding, nausea, sudden confusion, headaches, temporary loss of consciousness, vomiting, tinnitus, short-term amnesia, fatigue and slurred speech.

The extent of damage depends on the individual’s head placement and body type. Some auto crash victims suffer minor head injuries, while others can experience very traumatic and life-threatening injuries.

For example, colliding with a steering wheel or a window at a slow speed can cause a slight bump or a little bruise. However, in a high-speed collision, your car can flip, and this can cause more severe head injuries such as penetration, brain damage, serious concussion and many more.

It is important to seek immediate and thorough medical care once you’ve suffered a head injury. Additionally, some victims of auto accidents are entitled to some form of compensation after sustaining a head injury during an accident. Hiring the services of a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Toronto can help you determine what legal actions you can take to claim maximum compensation.

2. Back Injuries

Back injuries are very common injuries sustained after a serious auto crash. Victims can suffer spinal cord damage, which may lead to partial or full paralysis.

Like head injuries, back injuries are not immediately obvious and vary in symptoms. A mild back injury can result in herniated disks, while a more severe one can lead to body paralysis and stroke.

It is important to seek a thorough medical examination after being involved in an accident and experiencing back pain or abnormal motor skills.

3. Fractures

Broken bones are a common injury sustained after a car accident due to excessive force being applied to the bone by an external or static object.

Fractures can range from simple to compound, depending on the impact of the bone on the object. A simple fracture would occur when the bone is broken without an external wound, while a more severe compound fracture would pierce through the skin and leave an open wound.

It is also very common for an accident victim to suffer teeth injuries such as a root fracture. This could lead to the loss of a tooth—or your entire dentition—and would require the services of a dentist in Bolton to get an artificial tooth replacement.

Nonetheless, fractures are extremely painful but can be easily detected and diagnosed by a doctor after conducting a quick medical examination.

4. Whiplash

This is another very common injury sustained during a car accident. It occurs when the victim’s neck jerks rapidly in a back-and-forth motion.

A typical scenario would be when a driver collides with another vehicle in front of them. A person suffering a whiplash injury would experience symptoms such as mild or severe headaches, dizziness, neck stiffness and neck pain.

In some cases, car-accident victims may not experience whiplash symptoms until a few days after the accident. While most people recover from these symptoms after a week or two, other severe cases linger for several months or even years after the accident.

5. Psychological Injuries

Often the most neglected type of injury sustained during a car accident, psychological injuries are equally detrimental to an accident victim’s health.

While they are not visible injuries, they can alter some people’s mental state and cause symptoms such as a phobia of driving, nervousness, and severe depression—especially in cases where other passengers sustained injuries or died.

It is necessary to seek early professional help from a psychotherapist when you start feeling depressed or anxious after being involved in a car accident. Getting professional guidance would enable you to heal and get back to your best mental state.