Lucy Alexander says daughter is suffering 'a few achy side effects' from Covid vaccine


Lucy Alexander, 50, the former Homes Under The Hammer star, has revealed that her daughter, Kitty, is suffering from "a few achy side effects" after receiving her first Oxford coronavirus vaccine. Lucy's daughter would have been on a high-priority list to have the jab, as she suffered from a virus that attacked her spinal cord, leaving her paralysed.

The TV presenter took to Twitter to share the good news about her daughter's jab.

She wrote: "Great news My daughter has had her Oxford vaccine!

"A big relief. Although she’s now suffering a few achy side effects but it’s so worth it.

Despite the side effects, Lucy finished her post by saying: "If you get offered it PLEASE take it."

Underneath Lucy's caption was a picture of Kitty on the front cover of Enable, the UK's leading disability and lifestyle magazine, with the headline "Independent Woman".

The presenter's followers were quick to comment on her post with their own experiences of the vaccine's side effects.

One wrote: "I had the AstraZeneca vaccine last Friday. The side effects for me were severe and I'm still suffering from them.

"But it will sort itself out I would still advise people to have them though. A few side effects are better than the alternative".

Another gave Kitty well wishes and said: "Hope Kitty is soon feeling fine. xx"

One follower celebrated Lucy's tweet and added: "This is brilliant news!"

The NHS lists possible COVID-19 vaccine side effects as feeling tired, having a headache, feeling achy and having a sore arm.

They advise that symptoms should last no longer than a week.