Situation Update, Feb. 2 – The silver MIRACLE explained: It’s money, medicine and freedom all in one


(Natural News) Even though “awakened” people are super excited right now about acquiring physical silver as a means to fight against currency debasement and inflation, most people don’t yet realize the full potential of silver as a source of concentrated medicine that can be used in almost any survival situation.

On the financial side, physical silver (in your possession, not silver contracts or silver “paper”) represents:

  • Real money and a means of exchange.
  • A hedge against inflation.
  • A safe harbor for assets / asset protection.

In addition, silver coins can be used to inexpensively manufacture colloidal silver using very simple objects such as batteries, clothespins and a mason jar (full details below). This, in turn, allows silver coins to be transformed into:

  • An emergency anti-food poisoning solution that can be used internally in survival situations where no emergency medical care is available. (Consider use in emergencies only, not to be taken daily as a supplement.)
  • A surface cleaner with powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. This is especially useful during outbreaks.
  • A skin treatment first aid gel with powerful skin protection and healing properties.
  • A colloidal silver / herbal tincture remedy that can be created with the help of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.

In today’s Situation Update podcast, below, I reveal the recipes for creating these things out of US mint silver eagle coins. (Note: The silver coins are eventually “used up” in the process but can last for a very long time, probably creating over 1000 gallons of colloidal silver.)

Thus, silver coins are the single most useful preparedness item you can own, providing money, asset protection and a concentrated form of medicine that can be used to make numerous health and safety products, including first aid solutions.