Will Silicon Valley tech overlords censor the Chinese government’s COVID conspiracy theories also?


(Natural News) Chinese state media – which spills onto US social media platforms — has become a hotbed of COVID-19 conspiracy-mongering in the past year. Will the Silicon Valley tech overlords apply the same standards to the Chinese Communist Party that they apply to average Americans?

The CCP has trotted out a compendium of next-level Pizzagate-caliber, officially-endorsed conspiracy theories designed to obfuscate their own complicity in the coronavirus epidemic that originated in Wuhan.

Even in 2021, the CCP-approved conspiracy theory has proliferated that an American cyclist from Ft. Detrick, Maryland imported the virus into China early last year where it then spread – with China wrongfully receiving international blame.

Somehow, the obedient, pacified, culled residents of Wuhan, China, have been allowed to return to “normal” life (to the extent that such a thing exists in phenomenal China) while the rest of the world continues to suffer.

Of course, all the while, the corporate-state US media blames Americans themselves for the ongoing pandemic that China loosed on the world.

The New York Times, Huffington Post, etc. are quick to remind their readership at every turn that Wuhan’s residents enjoy the 2019 lifestyle while Los Angeles is a deserted hellscape because Americans are delinquents who won’t do as they are told:

For people in Wuhan, witnessing other countries struggling to keep the pandemic under control is bewildering. ‘I find it hard to understand why the United States can’t get the pandemic under control despite repeated attempts to roll out social distancing measures or strict lockdown,’ Yen said.”

Imagine the nerve.

This is a ritualistic exercise in sadomasochistic humiliation between dom (the corporate state) and sub (the average American).