Despite the prices, Canadians continue to spend on international travel


Despite the sky-high cost of travel Amy Share is excited to take her two children to England for the first time this fall.

“I think less about the money because we haven’t been able to do anything for years,” says Share. “It is just the value that is there for me.”

As prices for airline tickets continue their upward trajectory, the Montreal-based couple — Share and Firaz Sharaf — have been looking for ways to save on the big trip. In an effort to cut costs, they’ve decided to drive all the way to Boston and then fly to the U.K. from there.

“My first time doing that. I’ve flown in and out of Toronto before but not to the U.S.,” says Sharaf.

The family’s story is part of the growing trend of Canadians making the choice to travel despite economic deterrents like rising prices.

Survey shows Canadians are struggling but more are travelling

Inflation has hit Canadians hard this year. While it eased to seven per cent in August, the second month in a row, inflation is still far above the two per cent mark that the Bank of Canada wants to reach. Not only that but hefty food inflation reached a new high in August, hitting 10.8 per cent and rising at the fastest pace since 1981.