Toronto will rise to the test in pandemic


I know that the past few days have been a whirlwind for all of us.

The closure of schools, international border restrictions, and new social distancing measures for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and movie theatres have understandably created challenges and uncertainty. However, these are necessary steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. And, they are only the beginning. Together, we all have a role to play in confronting this global pandemic.

Our city’s COVID-19 response has three pillars: A strong public health response to keep Torontonians safe; the continued delivery of core city services that residents rely on; and the implementation of economic recovery and resilience measures to support our businesses and their employees.

I want to assure residents, we will not let you down.

Under the leadership of Toronto’s medical officer of health, Dr. Eileen de Villa; Toronto’s fire chief and general manager of the Office of Emergency Management, Matthew Pegg; and Mayor John Tory, our city is ready, and we are in good hands.

We live in an interconnected world, where a virus can jeopardize our services, our economy and our sense of individual safety. Make no mistake, COVID-19 will test us.

It will test our public health systems and our provincial health-care infrastructure. It will test our economic resilience. It will test our city — not just our capacity to continue delivering essential services, but also our ability to adapt frontline operations to prevent transmission. Finally, it will test us as a society, and our ability to not succumb to panic or misinformation.

Toronto will rise to this test.