Cost of Removing a Tree in Toronto


Everyone knows that tree planting is one of the most humanitarian things anyone can do, but no one talks about how tree removal can also sometimes save a life. Tree removal is important for survival.

There are occasions where you just have to remove a tree. For instance, sometimes you may have a tree that is dead, damaged or leaning dangerously in one direction. Branches from the tree may be blocking sunlight or fresh air from your home or interfering with powerlines.

In such cases, you may need to hire an expert tree removing service. Al Miley & Associates is one of the leading tree care providers in Toronto and GTA, and according to Al Miley, the tree removal process might be a little more complicated than you think. He says “A number of activities may need to be carried out during tree removal. Someone may need to climb up the tree and cut it into small and manageable pieces. You may also need to pay an extra fee for hauling away the limbs.”

If tree removal is not handled on time, it may lead to cases of emergency pruning and tree removal as seen after the snowstorm in Manitoba in 2019. This article provides thorough details of costs that may be associated with tree removal in Toronto.

A breakdown of the cost of the tree removal process

Removing a tree often requires more than just chopping down a tree. Many times, beyond felling the tree, you may require additional services such as tree trunk removal or limb chipping services. Sometimes you may need to chip the limbs off your tree for recycling or other purposes; Al Miley says that this service will cost you an estimated $75 exclusive of the cost of removing the tree.  Other times, after your tree is removed, you may need to have your tree trunk chopped into pieces, and hauled away from your premises; this service would cost an estimated $50-$100, exclusive of the cost of the actual tree removal.

According to Al Miley, in Toronto, the cost of the actual tree removal process could go as high as $1500, depending on the size of the tree. The larger the tree, the more expensive it is, to have it cut down. Please note that the cost of cutting down a tree is much higher than the cost of removing a tree. If a tree has fallen on your premises and you need this tree removed, expect to pay anywhere between $75-100.

Below are a few other special circumstances that can cost a lot more or less money in tree removal and their costs according to Al Miley & Associates.

Pine Tree Removal

Pine tree removals cost $200-$1500. This is because some pine trees are extremely tall and would need expert skill and specialized tools, and others, not so much. The removal of larger pine trees may cost as high as $1500 while smaller ones are approximately $200 to remove.

Oak Tree Removal

Oaktree removals cost $200-$1000. This is because oak trees, just like pine trees can be exceptionally tall. They are also one of the strongest known tree species. This means that it is somewhat risky and complicated to remove an oak tree. Just like pine trees, it costs less to remove the smaller oak trees.

Tree Branch Removal

Tree branch removals cost $200-$300. There are times when you may need to remove a branch or two from your tree. For instance, if you notice some of the branches are interfering with the power lines. A professional tree removal service in Toronto can do this for you for $200-$300.


Tree removal is not as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, please reach out to a professional. For every tree removed, remember to find the time to plant another one for the environment.