3 convenient insurance tools you can access online


(NC) A stay-at-home economy has been our new normal for some time now, and most of us have adjusted the way we live, work and shop.

From purchasing groceries to video conference calls, the collective transition to digital tools and online services has presumably increased since the onset of the pandemic. More and more, consumers can access what they need online – including insurance.

Whether you're shopping around for insurance options, are purchasing your first home and need home insurance for the first time or are thinking of switching providers, it's good to know what options are out there.

"Savvy customers want the option to research, compare and buy nearly everything online – including insurance," explains Michael Lardis, vice president of product systems transformation at TD Insurance. "Our digital approach to insurance is focused on making it easier for Canadians to manage their insurance online."

To help you stay informed, here are three convenient insurance tools you can access online:

  1. Get a car or home insurance quote in minutes. Whether you're leasing or financing your vehicle, or you own a condo, house or are a tenant, shopping for insurance is a necessary step that seems complex – but it doesn't have to be. You can get a quote online for the type of insurance coverage you need within minutes by answering simple questions.
  2. Manage your home and auto insurance products. You can get easy access to all your home and auto insurance policies and claims, all through a secure online platform called MyInsurance. This platform allows you to manage and monitor your insurance premium payments and track any of your claims.
  3. Buy home and car insurance online in minutes. Historically, purchasing home or auto insurance was something Canadians had to do in-person or over the phone. But now, those eligible can purchase home (including condo and tenant insurance) and auto insurance directly from their mobile or desktop within minutes.