Is your financial pro really worth it?


(NC) We’ve all heard that financial professionals can get your finances on track and help your savings grow. So, the question does a financial professional really bring value?

According to a study conducted by financial services company Primerica, the answer is yes. About 90 per cent of respondents who met with a financial representative said they would recommend one. Here’s why:

Clarity: Only a third of survey respondents felt confident in their understanding of general financial concepts such as budgeting and investments. A pro can break down financial concepts into straightforward language and help you find a roadmap for next steps.

Peace of mind: Financial decisions can be overwhelming. A pro can help you make informed decisions   and help you stay on the right financial track.

Accountability: A financial pro can function like a personal trainer for your finances – making you commit to your savings and keeping you accountable to your financial goals.

Preparing for the future can be overwhelming. Financial representatives such as licensed mutual funds and life insurance representatives can help you understand where your finances stand and suggest a personalized strategy for your financial future by conducting a financial needs analysis. With a road map at hand, you will feel more confident and better prepared for life events.