Maitri Health Technologies Announces Health Canada Approval of Domestically Manufactured N95 Masks


VANCOUVER, BC, March 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Maitri Health Technologies Corp. ("Maitri") (CSE: MTEC) (FRA: D84), a global platform for healthcare supply security, today announced the availability of N95 medical-grade protective masks, one of the few, domestically manufactured N95 masks to receive Health Canada certification.

N95 masks are among the most in-demand and difficult to source pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) commonly used by hospital, healthcare and other frontline workers. N95 masks filter out at least 95 per cent of very small particles, including airborne droplets.

Maitri's N95 masks, manufactured in Port Coquitlam, B.C. through an exclusive partnership with INNO Lifecare, were approved by Health Canada in March.

"Maitri is delivering what governments and organizations across Canada have sorely needed and requested since the beginning of the pandemic – a domestically manufactured and certified N95 mask," said Andrew Morton, CEO of Maitri.

"Only a handful of Canadian companies have been approved to build and sell N95 masks here and we've immediately added this lifesaving PPE to our healthcare security platform."

Demand for N95 masks has exceeded the supply globally and in Canada news reports have highlighted how healthcare workers and businesses were shortchanged on international orders, or worse, shipped counterfeit or uncertified N95 masks that put people at greater risk of exposure and illness.

Maitri's N95 masks are a form-cut, cup mask that provides a tight seal to the face yet is comfortable to wear.

"Medical personnel and frontline workers will remain in harm's way for the foreseeable future, for the current and other healthcare crises," said Morton. "We also expect ongoing demand from healthcare facilities, factories and workplaces where personal safety remains the top priority. By supplying domestically manufactured N95 masks, we can offer Canadian governments and businesses peace of mind about the source, quality and timely delivery of critical PPE."

N95 masks join certified surgical masks, face shields, disinfectants and sanitizers that make up Maitri's comprehensive suite of PPE. Maitri's unique healthcare supply security platform combines PPE with an integrated, seamless digital solution. Maitri helps organizations manage and monitor PPE and people by tracking vaccinations, activities, inventories and more – all with the goal of keeping people safer and businesses and economies running.