Technology Central to Post-COVID-19 business recovery. Leveraging technology top priority for Canadian entrepreneurs according to a new BDC study.


The BDC study, The Response: How Entrepreneurs Are Adapting to the Pandemic, was conducted among 1,000 SME leaders in June 2020 with the purpose of understanding how the pandemic is changing Canadians’ habits and how entrepreneurs are adapting and positioning themselves for the future.

The top priority of the entrepreneurs surveyed is to engineer a financial turnaround in their business over the next year. The second priority is to focus on technology.

43% of Canadian entrepreneurs plan to increase their investment in technology within three years.

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“Investing in technology can help you improve the client experience, make your employees’ jobs easier and enhance your productivity. In the current context, these benefits can be critical to the survival of your business,” Sylvie Ratté, Senior Economist & Isabelle Bouchard, Economist, BDC., co-Authors The Response: How Entrepreneurs Are Adapting to the Pandemic, said.

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