How two friends are tackling India’s hard water with an affordable, zero-wastage product


In a nation that is already reeling under a water crisis, the hardness of water is an omnipresent issue, especially in states such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan. Seeing the common problem, friends Rajesh Saraf and Uday Nadiwade started BEFACH 4X to create a water softener product that is cost-effective and environment-friendly.

What is hard water?

But what exactly is hard water?

Hard water is nothing but water composed of calcium and magnesium bicarbonates and sulphates. In excess amounts, it can cause mineral build-up in water pipes and heating systems. When it dries up it often forms a crusty white ring around taps and mirrors. Water hardness can also lead to hair fall and skin problems. Uday, 50, explains that BEFACH 4X’s product, D’Cal Hard Water Softener, removes the stickiness of calcium ions as opposed to the more traditional method of eradicating minerals.