Construction industry can become eco-friendly by adopting Green Crete: Himansh Verma


The creation and development of specialised innovations through advancements is essential for the economic growth of the country. During the past two decades, India has seen rapid development in almost all its industrial sectors. The industrialisation has led to higher demand of the products and over-exploitation of natural resources. Today, we have been using less but wasting and disposing off more. Because of the increasing need to meet the never-ending demands of the people more number of industries and companies are exploiting natural and non-renewable sources of our Earth without considering that, we must save some for the future. Lately, we have been severely polluting the land, the air, the water, and even space. At this stage, it is pivotal to change our ways and incline towards renewable and eco-friendly innovations. Scientific and technological innovations are crucial for progress and especially if it is in the field of generating alternative resources.

Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGCIPL) is one such company to welcome a massive change in the construction sector in India. The company has developed a formula that is 100% ‘Green’ in nature. The product called the ‘Navrattan Green Crete’ is an Eco-friendly alternative of Portland cement. The Green Crete does not use limestone; instead, it is made up of waste materials and the company’s innovative formula. NGCIPL is the only company in the world to own the IPR of ‘Green Cement.’ The Indian cement industry is the second-largest in the world, and the industry has understood that now is the time to change and develop specific ways to minimize the carbon that is emitted into the atmosphere through the manufacturing process of the OPC. The government of India is aware of our need to ‘Go Green’ and is pushing forward to grasp green advances. Therefore, Green Crete is the key to building a better future in the Construction Sector. Navrattan Green Cement Industries Pvt. Ltd. (NGCIPL) is headed by Himansh Verma, the Chairman of Navrattan Group.

All six verticals under the group are dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions. The business group’s operations are spread across various industries like energy, transportation, construction, infrastructure, waste management, healthcare, etc. The manufacturing process of Navrattan Green Crete is free of baking and burning; instead, it uses waste materials, fly ash, and slag. Also, the Green Crete does not transmit any carbon in the atmosphere.

Following are an insight into the merits of Navrattan Green Crete over OPC:

•The product is 100% fire-resistant

•Navrattan Green Crete has stronger compressive and tensile strength than OPC

•Green Crete exhibits non-curing properties and is perfect for use in wet conditions

•Zero Carbon emission – thus remarkably reduces our carbon footprint

•Considerably helps in reducing landfills

•Cost-efficient as Green Crete does not require energy-intensive kilns

Under the guidance of Himansh Verma, Navrattan Companies, has been successfully venturing into developing innovative ways of tapping into renewable sources of energy and bringing novel technology in our country to save the resources for future generations. The Navrattan Green Crete will soon be launched into the Indian markets and will significantly benefit the construction industry and the environment.