Tickets being issued in connection with anti-racism rally in Baden: WRPS


An anti-racism rally was held in Baden earlier this month and police have now confirmed that tickets are being issued.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered outside Castle Kilbride on May 8 to denounce racism.

The event was organized after posters promoting an unsubstantiated 'White Lives Matter' rally were discovered in Wilmot Township.

Participants at the Baden rally were encouraged to follow public health protocols like physical distancing, and there was also a virtual option for those who didn't feel comfortable gathering in person due to COVID-19.

Police were monitoring the event, and prior to it, had issued reminders to abide by the provincial stay-at-home order. Wilmot Township also issued a public notice, encouraging residents to follow provincial orders.

It read in part, "Municipal bylaw and the Waterloo Regional Police are responsible to ensure public safety and will use enforcement if necessary, including issuing fines."

On Thursday, nearly 20 days after the event, police confirmed to 570 NEWS that tickets are being issued in relation to the anti-racism rally.

An e-mail statement from a WRPS spokesperson read, "Like other public events that have violated the Reopening Ontario Act and the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, members of our COVID Integrated Response Team (CIRT) are continuing to follow up with individuals who can be identified and issuing the appropriate charges."

Police were not able to comment further on how many tickets will be issued, or when a final total for how many were handed out will be available.

"Members of CIRT are actively following up and there are a number of factors that would determine when charges are issued," said WRPS Constable Andre Johnson.

On Thursday, police also announced that more racist posters have been discovered in Wilmot, as well as in Kitchener and Wellesley.