The most expensive house for sale in Toronto is $45 mil & it's not even finished


On today’s episode of wild Toronto real estate, we’re bringing you the most expensive property on the market right now. Any guesses on this crazy price tag? Don’t worry, we’ll tell ya. Toronto’s most expensive home for sale is the $45 million mansion sitting at 24 Park Lane Circle.

The property is being sold by one of the city’s most prestigious real estate agents, Barry Cohen. He told CTV News recently that the massive home sits on a whopping 3 acres of land that backs onto a ravine. Not too shabby!

It’s also located smack in the middle of the highly-coveted Bridle Path, across the street from the home of none other than Drake, which could explain the steep price tag as well.

But here’s the catch. This multi-million mansion for sale isn’t even finished yet! The 28,000 square foot frame is currently standing at what Barry Cohen called the “pre-drywall phase.” It’s got good bones and plenty of potential, but at the moment that’s pretty much it.

Of course, there is a positive twist to the situation. Look at it this way, whoever purchases the property has the opportunity to customize it however they like. It’s not every day that you get that kind of creative freedom when buying a home in this city! Even better, if a buyer wants to have their own builder finish the home, they can purchase it for a lowly $25 million as is. Peanuts!