Urbaneer’s In The Globe & Mail On Domestic Space Issues During The COVID-19 Pandemic


What a year it has been for Toronto real estate!

Weeks after the lockdown in March 2020 - due to the unanticipated arrival of COVID-19 - the Canadian housing industry began performing in unpredictable and surprising ways as the pandemic shifted our behaviours!

One of the hottest topics being debated amongst housing market media pundits is 'how we will adapt to our new reality?', which certainly fascinates the Urbaneer team. Since March, I've written a substantial amount of content on the intersections of COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, which included a June 2020 post called, How COVID-19 Will Likely Change How We Design Our Homes. Our shelter is often designed - or modified - to support our changing domestic needs, to reflect fashionable trends, or as a response to the opportunities or constraints of our holistic environment. In this way, there's no question that the ways in which the pandemic hit us hardest will influence design in the future.

Speaking of adaptive design, the majority of Canadians are currently facing a more imminent problem: how to work successfully and productively at home. In fact, nearly 4.7 million more Canadians are now working from home now than were doing so at this time last year. So how do we manage this strain on our domestic spaces? The most recent instalment from my Dear Urbaneer Series on How To Resolve Your Work From Home Dilemma During The COVID-19 Pandemic explores how important it is to maintain a healthy work-life balance now that, for many, our professional and private spaces are now combined or overlap. Many are seeking renovation or outbuilding as a solution to their growing space issues.