Editorial: Will the pandemic change the global order?


The United States remains in the first place now, but its reputation declined

From jeopardizing the poor countries’ public health, to plundering and complaining about other countries, and then defunding WHO, the United States, as the most powerful country in this world, exposed its selfishness and shortsightedness.

As a nation with the largest number of coronavirus cases, the United States continues to expel people back to their countries. Although the human rights organizations have been warning for weeks that deportation flights from the United States could spread the virus to poorer countries, Washington still sending COVID infected patients back to their countries. As a result, the deportation caused widespread community transmission of COVID-19 in Guatemala. In the era of globalization, the developing-world reservoir will hit back to the U.S. and the rest of the world. Thus, the United States should review this brutal decision.

Robbery, threat and blame, the United States are using its own power to ravage other countries for medical supplies. Now, Canada seems to have had enough. According to Pew Research Center’s newest survey, Canadians used negative characteristics such as "chaos,""confused" and "bully" to describe Trump administration. For India, although the hydroxychloroquine had no actual therapeutic effect for coronavirus, President Trump forced Modi to export them to U.S. by threatening a retaliation. For China, Trump and the Republicans made Beijing a scapegoat, viewing this as a possible reelection advantage.

Defunding WHO at this crucial time to fight the pandemic globally is extremely irresponsible to the U.S. citizens and the rest of the world.Neglecting the criticisms from G7 officials, international organizations and medical experts, the Trump administration still arbitrarily violated its promise and responsibility to WHO and the world. This decision will destroy the contributions and efforts of other countries, and might hinder the vaccines research and other global coordination. By the end of the day, the U.S. that is most affected by the COVID-19 is the one that pays the most.

In this coronavirus pandemic comparable to the 1918 influenza pandemic, the United States, as a world leader with preeminent influence, will somehow determine everyone’s future. To be a tyrant and drag the world to the hell, or to be a leader to cooperate and build international resilience against the virus, we are all watching.

Disclaimer:  This editorial has been submitted to The Toronto Times by an independent writer and does not necessarily reflect the views of this not-for-profit news organization which strives to support the freedom of democracy of a diversity of views which is vital to the affirmation of the vibrant constitutional and parliamentary democracy which Canada represents.