Books That Explore Your Favourite Films Are The Next Big Thing


Books about movies are nothing new. Any film-school graduate worth their unframed Jim Jarmusch poster has a fine collection of cult-cinema books to match. But monographs about brand-new films – the kind that premiere on streaming platforms and in cinemas – are a more recent phenomenon. And they’re arriving thick and fast, like cultural artefacts in real time.

As for why, we have a few ideas. The fact movies are no longer physical tokens (remember VHS?) but ephemeral things at risk of being dislodged from a streaming service with or without notice is one. RIP, Grease!

So, to crystalise (and capitalise on) the hype surrounding a certain film, production companies like Netflix, Apple TV+ and indie disruptor A24 are inking deals with book publishers (or self-publishing in A24’s case – so hip!) to develop sleek physical records of their most zeitgeisty films. Works like 2019’s Marriage Story and Spike Jonze’s imminent Beastie Boys documentary are just two.