5 Top Trends in Home Remodelling in 2020


What makes a contemporary home? The answer to this question is always changing. Every New Year, homeowners think of new ways to give their homes a more up-to-date look. This means annual building remodelling projects aimed at keeping the home modern. These projects, when done the right way, are often well worth the money spent because they ensure that your home remains ever comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The following are top 5 home remodelling trends that appear to be popular among Toronto homeowners in 2020.

Basement Renovations

In recent years, basement renovations in Toronto have become a popular choice among homeowners. Gone are the days where people used their basement as a dusty storage space for old furniture and equipment.

These days, a basement could be anything from a gym to a party spot, a theatre, man cave, office, guest room, teenager's bedroom or a little bit of all these. There is just too much space in your basement to leave it lying dusty. Homeowners have realized this, which is the reason basement renovations have become an important project for many homeowners

Installation of Snow Melting Systems.

Every Canadian knows just how tough the snow months are. Therefore, as the winter months approach, many homeowners would seek to install driveway snowmelt systems in Toronto.This modern technology is a boiler that clears ice and snow off your sidewalks and gives you a heated driveway. It is cleaner for the environment and a lot more efficient than the popular snow plow and snowblower.

Winters are unpredictable, one day you wake up to find that your car has been snowed in, another day it is your sidewalk. These snow build-ups pose a threat to your safety and those of your family members. In 2020, situations like this could easily be avoided by installing snow melting systems that ensure snow never builds up in your driveway.

State-of-the-art Kitchens

Kitchens have existed for as far back as anyone alive can remember. In the past, homeowners loved to hide the kitchen away at the back of the house, in recent times, kitchens are found at the heart of every home, including inside the living room. Kitchen renovations include going sustainable and eco-friendly which involves using only natural and bio-based elements such as reclaimed wood, energy-efficient LEDs and refrigerators, etc.

Kitchen renovations can also mean getting a more modern and smart kitchen where technology controls everything from refrigerators to faucets. Sometimes kitchen remodelling also means just adding a pop of contemporary colour to your kitchen by using paints and accent walls.

Installing Walk-In Showers

You’ll hardly see a modern home in 2020 without a walk-in shower.These showers often have a very clean and minimalist look which makes them appear even more contemporary.

In 2020, it appears that the key to designing a modern bathroom is to remember that less is more. Therefore, many bathrooms would have these natural, bright yet minimalistic designs.

Walk-in showers make the room look bigger and add harmony to the entire bathroom, there raise the overall value of a house.


Home renovations are never without benefits. When done the right way, they make your home more comfortable, they lower energy costs and most importantly, they always raise the value of your home. So if you’ve been thinking of having your home remodelled, there is no better time than now to get started.