Volunteer opportunities in Toronto during COVID-19


Volunteer opportunities in Toronto during the COVID-19 pandemic reflect that more people than ever are in need of support as the city continues to operate in a city-wide state of emergency

Getting involved and providing a helping hand can be difficult in a time that urgently calls for self-isolation, but there are still ways to do your part while staying safe and practicing social distance. 

Here are some ways you can volunteer in Toronto right now. 

The Daily Bread Food Bank

This Toronto food bank has switched from inviting people to come in and shop for items to providing food hampers to those in need. They have also moved outside under a medical tent.

The food hampers are packed inside the facility and transferred to the food bank by a conveyor belt, where people can pick them up to take home. You can help by volunteering in the warehouse with the packing and sorting of the donated food. 

Friendly Neighbour Hotline

University Health Network’s OpenLab is helping connect seniors in low-income housing with volunteers who will deliver them groceries, medications or other deliveries. The hotline is a single phone number seniors can call whenever they're in need. 

They currently need more volunteers who are willing to do deliveries, sort packages for distribution and call isolated seniors to check on their well-being.